Meet The Fluffy Girls

Chaka “The Fluffy Vixen”

“People often hear the term “vixen” and think of it as derogatory but I don’t. To embody a vixen is to be bold and confident in your sexiness. I want plus sized women to know that it’s ok to be sexy, and embrace your femininity and curves. MY SIZE DOES NOT DEFINE MY SEXY!”

Chaka Orr-Lowery is a wife and mother, whose passion is styling, writing, and empowering women in the beautiful city of Miami.


Saphir “The Fluffy Diva”


“Growing up as an only child has enabled my creative juices. I was always able to turn something out of nothing. I’ve had a passion for fashion, hair and make-up since I can remember. Being of haitian decent, your parents can’t seem to see pass the medical field but I remember one of my aunts telling me that she invisioned me having a career in the fashion and beauty industry. I intend to live out my full potential! Just as Beyonce says: “Now now now DIVA is a female version of a hustler.”

My goal is to show all plus size women that style has no weight requirement, its attainable by whomever, regardless of shape or size. OWN YOUR FLUFF!

5 thoughts on “Meet The Fluffy Girls

  1. Kasee Rucker

    I was wondering if its possible if you can give me pointers or advice on how to break into the modeling industry for bbws. I have all the confidence in the world but keep getting doors shut in my face because of negative people and my money issues. Can you please direct me in where to start I admire the both of you and many other plus size models, hopefully I will finally achieve my goal and break through. hope to hear from you wonderful women. Keep up the great work!


    • fluffygirlsunited

      We started this blog initially to share our passion for fashion with everyone but as we started to grow as individuals so did our mission as a team.
      Women empowerment is our goal. We want women to feel adequate regardless of what society says. As women we are judged rather harshly on many levels, living in a city where looks are everything, and cosmetic surgery is the new self-confidence journey, we want our readers/followers to understand that we struggle to. We have our insecure days just like you, but in spite of those few insecurities we’ve decided to completely love ourselves and our bodies.
      Thanks so much for visiting!


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