The Fat Girl Vs The Body-Conscious Dress

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“I feel that a Body-Conscious dress helps you to fully embody your sexy and femininity”       -Chaka “The Fluffy Vixen”

There has been a some negative chatter in the Plus Size community since forever when it comes to Fluffy Girls wearing body conscious clothing, but honestly it has never swayed me at all.
As a plus-sized woman I have always loved a bodycon dress, they are my go-to piece when I want that sexy look for date night, or a party.

What I really love about bodycons is that they allow you to be versatile with your style incorporating that same piece over and over.

They are a staple item in your closet that you can dress up or down; can be worn with a blazer and pumps for the office or a denim vest and sneakers or sandals for a barbecue.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not oblivious to the reason behind the disdain for bodycons by The Fat Girl, I mean its obvious.

One reason among a few that I hear over and over is that body-conscious dresses..well, they’re exactly that, body conscious …it makes people aware of your body. And because of the material they are constructed with (which is usually spandex, lycra, polyester or a blend of them all)  they are stretchy and hug your figure so they can sometimes expose every lump, bump, dimple, and roll on your body.

Here’s the thing, my reality is that I’m fat. Period. I’m going to “look” fat whether I wear a bodycon or a bathrobe.

Also shape wear can conceal some of those “issues” if shape wear is your thing.

A body con makes me feel sexy, and if clothes can make me feel sexy and they’re inanimate then hey, take my money please because you’ve got yourself a customer.

All I’m saying is be open to it, don’t be afraid to purchase that bodycon that you’ve been eyeing Fluffy Girl! Your size does not define your sexy!
Get it, wear it and own it!

Be Unapologetic with your style.

 Like my dress? Get it here:




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