Dare To Bare: No Cover-Ups Necessary! pt. 1

“The sexiest thing a woman can wear is confidence.”

Featuring swimwear from Forever 21 Plus


Own Your Fluff Challenge: Ditch The Cover-up

Summer time is appro-…well actually, almost every day is summertime in Miami. Lucky us right? Well it definitely has its perks, living in a tropical climate pretty much year-round. But boy does it get hot here, and let’s not get started on the humidity!

When the heat turns up so does the need for some extensive time in the water, as well as the need to want to get as naked as legally possible. The last thing you need is a cover up coming between that.

The Fluffy Girls are daring you to #OwnYourFluff , #DitchTheCoverup and bare it all this Summer…well, not ALL…unless thats your thing, no judgment here, but we’re not responsible for any repercussions, sand is hard to get out of  your…umm..crevices *giggles*.

Anyway, we’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that more recent plus swimwear collections are offering pieces that help you feel confident enough to ditch the cover-up and strut your Fluff in the bare minimum.

Forever 21’s plus swimwear collection surely came through with the goods this season.  They are definitely at the top of our list for swimsuits that are the most affordable and best flattering for different Fluffy Girl body types.

And just to prove to you that we were confident enough in our swimsuits to drop the cover-up, we bared our Fluff on the busy streets of Miami’s Art District, Wynwood.


For more read “Dare to Bare: No Cover-up Necessary” parts 2 & 3


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