Dare To Bare: No Cover-Ups Necessary! pt. 3

“These swimsuit pieces from Forever 21 have everything I look for in a 2-piece, I felt hella sexy in them, and that’s definitely important to me.”   -Chaka “The Fluffy Vixen”


#DitchTheCoverUp and Get Your Sexy On!

When it comes to swimwear I have always been a 2-piece kinda chick, you couldnt have swayed me away from a sexy halter top and a skimpy bikini bottom if you tried. However, after having kids and turning 30, my body completely changed, I had begun replacing my bikini cut bottoms with boyshorts or full brief bottoms, but those options  have become pretty much obsolete now. Especially if you want them to be stylish and modern.

Now, most modern plus size brands give you two options for swim bottoms: skimpy bikini or high-waisted. A teeny tiny bikini bottom is not an option for me. I need coverage for my hips and lower tummy area where I carry most of my Fluff. I’m just not to that point on my self-confidence journey where I want my stomach and c-section scar hanging all out. Plus, I’ve got too much junk in my trunk to wear bikini bottoms, I will be pulling them suckers out of my patootie all day, style and comfort are equally important to me.

High-waisted bottoms are either a hit or miss for me, and all high-waisted bottom are NOT created equal! some are too high and don’t show my tummy at all, which is why i opt for a 2-piece in the first place, and some give me just the right amount of tummy coverage.

These high-waisted bottoms from Forever 21 are definitely a HIT! They don’t look high-‘ on me, and that’s what I LOVE about them. They stop just above my belly button, giving me the coverage I need but still letting me show off a little of my upper stomach area.

I love the swim top as much as I love the bottoms, only downside with the top, it didn’t offer much support. I don’t know if I should even be mad at Forever 21 or gravity, Ha! I was able to remedy it by putting on a push-up bra up under my top, and after I got my girls lifted up where they belong I felt just like the Fluffy Vixen that is my name! Couldn’t tell me nothing, this strappy peek-a-boo top is super sexy!

These pieces had corresponding items that were the perfect matches, but I love being different so I switched it up and mismatched the pieces and I’m so in love with the outcome. This is another aspect I’m really loving with Forever 21’s Plus Swim Collection. Their swim seperates allow you to mix up the pieces and create your own unique look.

I’m in love yall! So in love that I had all of my Fluffiness out for all of Miami to see…Love can make you do some crazy things!

Are you in love with my swimsuit like I am? Get it Here:




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