Dare To Bare: No Cover-Ups Necessary! pt. 2

“My favorite part of this one-piece by Forever 21 is the caged mid-section.  -Saphir “The Fluffy Diva”


That triumphant Moment when you finally find “The One”… 

Believe it or not about 3 years ago was the first time that I purchased my first actual bathing suit. I say “actual” because prior to that I was just wearing a cami and shorts to get in the water. Reason being, finding a swimsuit that was flattering to my bust size has always been a challenge. I always felt more comfortable knowing that I had my bra on for support. So to be able to stand in the middle of the streets of Wynwood with just my bathing suit, no bra and no cover-up, was such a phenomenal experience.

So a few years ago I decided to step out of my comfort zone. I went to Walmart and found a cute pink and black polka dot bathing suit with an underwire so I finally got the support I was looking for. However, I was still was not satisfied with the coverage in the bust area. It didn’t completely do it for me. So a cover up became my best friend and allowed me to hide all the extra bulges and boob spillage. Now even though it wasn’t a complete success, that experience still gave me the extra push to continue my search for the right swimsuit. Don’t get me wrong, the Walmart swimsuit was cute but I really wanted to step it up a lil more.

Last year I bought my first 2-piece swimsuit from forever 21. I fell in love instantly! Who would have thought I would go from wearing a cami and shorts to wearing a 2-piece?! Well there is a Fluffy girl God somewhere! Not only did it have an underwire, but the bottom went up just high enough to cover up the extra bulge of my stomach. I loved it so much that this year I went back to forever 21 for another 2-piece, but I unexpectedly got steered in a different direction.

While going through the racks I stumbled upon this blue beauty. If I wasn’t already sold after laying eyes on the vibrant color, I was even more sold after trying it on. And guess what Fluffy girls?! There was no underwire! Yes no underwire and it held these G cups right up! My favorite part of this one-piece is the caged mid section, it brings a certain kind of sexy to the suit in a subtle way. Love that it covers up all the right parts of my body but still showing just enough skin to give it that 2-piece feel. Won’t be needing a cover up with this one! I honestly think this might be the sexiest one-piece forever 21 has ever sold yet! This swimsuit also comes in Black and Olive.

Love what you see? Here is where you can find it!

Plus Size Caged One-Piece | Forever 21 PLUS – 2000182717 http://www.forever21.com/Mobile/Product/Product.aspx?br=plus&category=plus_size-swimwear&productid=2000182717&curpage=1


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