Fluffy Beauty on a Budget: The Wig Plug

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by Chaka “The Fluffy Vixen”


Hey Fluffy Divas and Vixens…

Thanks for returning to our blog and making us feel all important and stuff *sniff sniff* your support just warms our hearts!

Ok so to make this review simple I’m going to post all of the wig specs and then I will follow with my review. I did PURCHASE(with my own moola) this wig in 2 different colors, and even though its the same wig I will be doing one review for each because I have a different opinion of each wig.


Empress Lace Wig by SENSATIONNEL in their “Custom Lace Wig” series and I purchased “Italian Curl” in T1B/27 which is like a golden/honey blonde color also purchased it in color 1B

Approx. 16 inches without being stretched

Purchased from my favorite “Wig Plug” wigtypes.com

This is a SYNTHETIC wig with “Premium” Fibers that can withstand up to 350-400 degrees F of curling iron/flat iron heat, however I do not recommend putting heat on this particular unit.

Cost was approximately 25.00 USD


I originally purchased this wig in color 1B(check out our IG page @fluffygirlsunited to see me in that wig) and It was love at first wear. Even though this is not a human hair wig its made with premium synthetic fibers so its super soft, however the softness does diminish the more it is worn which is normal for synthetic wigs.


Longevity: For this to be a synthetic wig it lasted a good amount of time before it started to mat and tangle. I wore this wig for approximately 4 weeks on a continuous basis, which means I wore it everyday and even slept in it 50% of the time. The original curl pattern stayed the same throughout the entire 4 weeks. I was getting so many compliments on it even when I had grown tired of it. I’m sure that if you make this a “going out wig” that you only wear every now and then, this unit could possibly last way longer than 4 weeks.

Big-Head Friendly: I have a bigger than average head and the cap fit me perfectly with room to spare, this wig was the most comfortable synthetic lace wig that I’ve ever worn…comfortable enough that you could literally sew this wig to your head and wear it as such…it has a 3 combs, 2 in the middle & one in the back, as well as an adjustable strap…I did not need to utilize any of those, it was a perfect fit and stayed on my head even through the heavy winds at the beach.

Style: I absolutely love the style of this wig!!!! The curl pattern is absolutely beautiful and very natural looking. The curl pattern mimics virgin bundle hair…they are very full and even throughout the wig. It came layered so there wasn’t much I had to do besides  my normal routine of plucking the part and adding concealer to it. I follow a YouTuber by the name of HerStyle, she has a very detailed tutorial on how she makes the part on her lace wigs look more natural …I follow the same routine for all of my synthetic lace units.

Color: This wig is a true 1B Color…which is rare in synthetic wigs, with 1s and 1Bs sometimes the color is lighter and most times darker than the expected shade of black. Also, it wasnt shiny at all which is rare with synthetic hair…usually I have to use a little baby powder or dry shampoo to tone down the shine but I was able to wear this wig as is.


SHEDDING: ALL SYNTHETIC WIGS SHED!!!! However, this one shed quite a bit. I did noticed that most of the shedding took place when I was running my finger through it…but what I can say is even though it shed the hair was still very full.

HOT!!!!: This wig had me sweating buckets on hot days. but this is a very full wig. Its very hot during the spring in Miami, so its my fault for making a crazy decision like wearing it to the fair on a very hot and humid day…but I’m team #BigHairDontCare, the bigger the better baby yassss! So it was definitely worth my suffering because this wig gave me all the big hair fierceness that I seek! But I might just reserve these units for the fall/winter time going forward *wipes pool of sweat from forehead*

OVERALL: This is an EXCELLENT  buy! I do not regret a thing, It was cheap and I got tons of compliments while wearing it. It really gave me that big hair sexiness that I need to be the Fluffy Vixen that I am! *poofs up hair and makes pouty lips*


I ended up purchasing this wig because I really loved it in the color 1B and I wanted a curly unit in a bright color for the Spring/Summer season. I just love the way big curls look blowing in the wind at the beach.


Color: The color on this unit is very beautiful and vibrant. Its a honey blonde color with black roots. Perfect for the Summer The color is my most favorite aspect of this wig. Its serving up some serious Beyonce’/Sasha Fierce-ness hunny! One small issue that I have is I wish the roots weren’t as dark as they are…it says 1B on the package but they look more like a color #1 which is a jet black.

Comfort: Just as comfortable as the 1B unit but I do NOT advise sleeping in this unit, it does not have the durability for continuous wear. This unit is not as hot as the 1B unit and I’m sure it’s contributed to the fact that it’s not as full.


SHEDDING: This unit sheds like a bitch! It sheds even more than the 1B color…however its not to the point where it’s annoying.

Longevity: I’m not sure if it has something to do with the coloring process but blonde weave/wigs don’t seem to last as long as the #1 and 1B colors. This unit has already  begun to frizz and mat. I have only worn it 3 times….this wig is most definitely going to be my “party wig”. I would NOT reccommend that this wig be worn continuously, it will not be able to withstand the wear and tear. This unit could be worn on a nice island vaycay but it would most likey be frizzy by the time you return home. Im definitely dissapointed at the quality of this unit, especially when compared to the one I have in 1B.

Style: So disappointed in the style of this unit! The 1B unit was big and full, but these curls are just there. The curl pattern is beautiful, however it lacks the fullness that I was especting, but that might be a pro for someone who wants a long curly unit without the fullness. Also, I had to actually cut a few layers in it, whereas with the 1B unit it was already layered straight out of the package.

OVERALL: Even though this unit isn’t as great as her sister the 1B unit, I don’t regret my purchase because despite the cons its still a really pretty unit. I will probably be ordering this unit again but in a different color.

WARNING: BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT PLUCKING THE PART!!!! This lace is very soft, only pluck a couple strands at a time as you could damage the lace.

I can honestly say that I’m really feeling Sensationnel’s “Custom Lace Wig” series. I definitely will be trying out the other curl pattern options that Sensationnel has in this series.

Don’t forget to check out “The Wig Plug” @ http://www.wigtypes.com, the prices are awesome and shipping is fast and reliable… you get free shipping with purchases over 49.00 USD.

Til next time my Fluffy Vixens, stay Fluffy Fabulous and Fierce!! …xoxo.



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