Fluffy Beauty on a Budget: The Wig Plug


by Chaka “The Fluffy Vixen”


I am officially #TeamSensationnel …especially the “Custom Lace” series… they have won me over with this unit!

This unit is super long and sexy. The longest layer comes to my waist and I’m 5’7″… Its very light and very soft to the touch.


Empress Lace Wig by SENSATIONNEL in their “Custom Lace” Wig series and I purchased “French Wave” in the color 1B(off black).

Approx. 22-24 inches(This unit comes layered, so this is the approximate length of the longest layer)

Purchased from my favorite “Wig Plug” wigtypes.com

This is a synthetic wig with “Premium” Fibers that can withstand up to 350-400 degrees F of curling iron/flat iron heat.

Cost was approximately 25.00 USD


Look/Style: I absolutely love the style of this unit!!!!! Its a middle part unit but its so versatile, it will complete any type of look for the day or night…if you’re going for the boho-chic look this is the wig that will pull your look together, but if you’re trying to get a video vixen/Bad Gal RiRi look this unit will do that for you as well. I totally felt like a sexy hippie-flowerchild in this unit. Also, this unit comes layered, so nothing needs to be done to it as far as cutting…I did do my routine of plucking the part and adding concealer to it, however the parting on this unit was not bad at all, so if you aren’t feeling like plucking you can definitely just add a little concealer to the part as is and be good to go.

Color: The color is a true 1B and thankfully there is no “synthetic shine” at all! It closely resembles human hair!

Breathe-ability: Even though the hair on this unit is long its very light and feathery…Didn’t hold heat on my head at all!

Curl Pattern/Texture: The hair on this unit is very soft to the touch, the waves are very light weight and they just effortlessly flow in the soft breeze…this an awesome vacation wig, however I don’t recommend wearing it if you’re going to be doing water sports where your head will be submerged.

Shedding: As I stated in my last wig review, ALL SYNTHETIC WIGS SHED!!!! However, the shedding on this unit was minimal to none at all, a few strands only when I finger-combed it.


Comfort/Fit: This unit is NOT “big-head friendly” . It fits very snug, not enough to give me a headache or any type of discomfort, but the combs definitely will have to be utilized in order to keep this unit in place unless it’s sewed onto your head. I absolutely hate the combs inside any wig unit, they just irritate the hell outta me, so I just used a couple bobby pins in the back and on the sides to secure my unit.

Durability/Longevity: This is not a unit that can be worn on a consistent basis. Its very soft, started to frizz after only wearing it once, however it was subtle…wasn’t bad`enough to make me dislike this unit.

OVERALL: French Wave is giving me a cross between Bohemian-Sexy by day and BBW stripper by night, YASSSSS ! *twerks with tongue sticking out*

I’m in love with it’s softness and the wave pattern, but I don’t predict being able to get much wear out of this unit. It does however, seem like a unit that would look nice re-styled/curled once it starts to get old. My favorite aspect of this unit is the fact that it’s long but doesn’t hold heat, so I can still have the length I want and be able to stay cool in this Miami weather.  I absolutely love big and long hair but I promise yall, my next unit will most definitely be short! This Miami heat ain’t no joke!

Til next time my Fluffy Vixens, stay Fluffy, Fabulous and Fierce!!!…xoxo.




One thought on “Fluffy Beauty on a Budget: The Wig Plug

  1. Esther

    This looks amazing! I got a wig making kit last month from high definition hair and its pretty cool as well. They offer it in high quality but good cost. If you also want to check it out, you can visit their website. Thanks for sharing this article! 🙂


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