Summer Fashion Essentials: The Tank Dress

Tank dresses are a Fluffy Girls best friend in warm weather; they allow you to be cool and comfy, as well as cute and classy. They are definitely on our list of essential summer pieces.
Their simplicity allows you to be versatile with the same piece whether dressing it up or down. You could do a blazer and heels for work or a cute pair of sneakers for a barbecue or any Summer daytime outing.

The dresses featured are from Rainbow Shops for less than 15.00 USD….Rainbow has an awesome variety of tank dresses, as well as other affordable plus size items to add to your Summer Collection.

Don’t underestimate bargain stores like Rainbow, Ross and DD’s, it may take a little patience but these stores often carry nice items that wont break your pockets. So its worth taking your time and looking carefully, you may stumble upon an awesome find!

Stay Tuned for our Series on our awesome finds in bargain stores entitled “Diamond In The Rough”.

When dressing in a Tank dress for a Summer day event, like a jazz concert in the park, or a Food Festival… A light kimono, as well as flat sandals are essential.
“I absolutely love tank dresses, I live in them during the Spring and Summer months.” -Chaka
“I originally didn’t think a tank dress that is so body-hugging like this red one from Rainbow Shops would be flattering to my shape, but I soon realized I was wrong! I used a kimono to conceal certain areas and to add a little sprinkle of Springtime in Miami… I paired with black lace-up sandals also from Rainbow Shops to make this style beyond comfortable!”  – Saphir 


By pairing a tank dress with classic white Converse All-Stars, you’re ready for a cookout, or a casual date in the park.
20160607_230403 (1)
By pairing a tank dress with a pair of heels and a blazer you’re ready for church, the office, happy hour or date night.


3 thoughts on “Summer Fashion Essentials: The Tank Dress

  1. Brianna

    I think I’m going to try a tank dress!!! You two look amazing. My biggest concern is my stomach. But you too look amazing!!!


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