Cuffing Season: Fluffy Edition

Hey Fluffy Divas and Vixens! Most of us have probably heard the term cuffing season. It is the period of time beginning in fall till the end of winter when singles start looking for someone who they can spend those long chilly lonely nights with.

So as winter quickly approaches, I can probably bet my coins that there is a man out there thinking about “Cuffing a FLUFFY GIRL”. But why a fluffy girl you ask? Besides the obvious, you know most people have that presumption that a bigger woman can keep them warm in the cold winter nights. This goes as far back as 1947 when an artist by the name of Merle Travis recorded a single entitled: Fat Gal. The lyrics start off by saying “Fat Gal, she’s warm in the winter and shady in the summertime, that’s why I like this fat gal of mine.” And we all know the most recent shout out to the big girls by the Rapper Drake when he stated that he liked his girls bbw.

“She’s Warm in the winter and Shady in the Summertime”


So with us fluffy girls being such a hot commodity this season, we need to know what’s to be expected and what to look out for! So I’m here to tell you about the three types of Men (well at least the ones that I’ve already encountered so far) during this cuffing season: 

  • The man who is ready to come out of the Fluffy Girl Closet.
    • These men have been hiding in the closet behind their skinny girlfriends their whole lives and wake up one morning wanting to “try something new”. Ok I get it, you’re curious. You want to know what your favorite rapper likes so much about bbw’s. Well you know like Rihanna says “You know I got that sauce, you know I’m saucy” and I’m always….. *Smirks* Ok let me stop, y’all know the rest.
“You know I got the sauce, You know I’m saucy”
  • The Low-Key Fluffy Chasers.
    • These men are the ones who are in our dm’s hitting us with the keep it on the down low nobody has to know line. They’ve had a few wet dreams but aren’t ready for the world to know just yet. Well you can just keep on dreaming hunny! I remember a conversation I had with a male friend not too long ago. I asked him if he would ever sleep with a fluffy girl. Reason being, he’s one of those men that always acted like he had an image to uphold. In confidence, he then told me that he actually already had but his friends could never find out. Well I’m sorry to break it to you, but it’s going to be really hard to hide it from your friends any longer because once you go Fluffy you can’t go back! Signed- You’re Fluffy Bestie!
  •  The man with a girlfriend.
    • Just as it says, these men are already taken! Well at least as it “appears” to be on social media. They might want the best of both worlds or they just might want the whole fluffy girl kingdom Lol who knows. But for whatever reason you’re in my inbox I’m definitely not here for it! These men do this because no one would ever think he would cheat on his skinny girlfriend with the Big Girl! Don’t get me wrong, plenty of men love an attractive plus-sized women and I meet them all the time. My thing is why cheat on your girlfriend with one when you can just get you one!
“Once you go Fluffy, You can’t go back!” 



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