My Fluffy Valentine

“I never wear lingerie…what’s the point anyway?” “I’m too fat to be sexy..”

“I don’t even know where to buy plus size lingerie..”

If you’ve ever uttered any of these statements then this post is for you Fluffy Girl!

As soon as February hits, lingerie ads start popping up all over the place and the pressure to be your sexiest self is on. However, when you’re plus sized that pressure can be a little more intense. Especially if your body isnt being represented in these ads. Thankfully, you have your Fellow Fluffy Girls in your corner and we are here to help you sis!

Whether you’re trying to be sexy for yourself, for Bae, or that lingerie party you’ve been invited to, you’re going to slay in your lingerie boo, and we’re going to lead you to the promise land of fat girl sexiness!! Yassss *snaps fingers*
First off, stop doubting yourself! Confidence is key Fluffy Girl! Those rolls, cellulite, and back fat don’t make or break your sexy. If you see yourself as a bad bitch then you will be a bad bitch. How you think is exactly how you will feel, no matter what you wear. Get out of your head and get into something sexy, Go for it girl!

“When in doubt buy black! Nothing will have you looking sexier than black mesh teddy”

1517134859301Tap into your sexy Alter Ego and be extra girl! Don’t be afraid to glam up your sexy with a beat face, a bomb new hairstyle, accessories like hoop earrings, neck pieces and bangles and your favorite heels. Tonight is NOT the night to be BASIC! Upgrade your SEXY Fluffy Girl!


So you’ve looked in your lingerie collection and realized you need a revamp…but where does a Fluffy Girl go for flattering Lingerie…here’s our list for the best places:

💘CitiTrends💘Ross💘DDs Discounts💘Torrid💘AdoreMe💘Lane Bryant💘Ashley Stewart


Saphir is wearing a lacy Chemise from Lane Bryant Cacique
Chaka is wearing a baby Pink Body Suit/Teddy from CitiTrends


*sighs* This is the part that’s the hardest but the most beneficial of this whole process. Shopping for new lingerie, Getting dressed up, tapping into your Sexy Fluffy Alter Ego…those are the fun parts, but the growth is where our main focus is. At the end of it all, the important part is how you feel about yourself, what you see when you look in the mirror. We know, we know…the struggle is real *another sigh*

One minute you’re looking in the mirror like “Yes, I’m a Baddie!” and the next minute it’s like “I look ridiculous in this.” Trust us Fluffy Girl, we all struggle with that. But you gotta get to the point where you have more “Yassss Bitch!” moments and less “Oh. No. BITCH!” moments. It takes work, constant positive self-affirmations and ignoring negative comments from others. And if you have people in your life that put you down instead of gas you up, you need to remove them, including Bae…that’s the best weight loss sis.

“Can you believe that even in my almost 3 year relationship I never wore lingerie for my man…not because I didn’t have the guts to, but because as a plus size woman lingerie isn’t something that we do. Never really knew where to find the right pieces for my body, nor did I see women with my body type in lingerie ads, so it felt out of place.”
“Seeing myself in the right flattering lingerie pieces made me feel sexy and I became open to the idea of wearing it more often, not just for my significant other, but to enhance my own sexy for myself!”
“After having children my body changed and it effected my confidence in a major way. I saw myself as pretty but not sexy. My stomach was saggy and bigger. My thighs had more cellulite, my hips had more stretch marks. Lingerie became my way to ignore the parts that weren’t my favorite and focus on what I love about my body. It’s how I got my sexy back.”
“Activate your inner Fluffy Vixen! Find the right pieces and do it, you will never regret the feeling that it gives, such confidence boost. It’s important for all women to see themselves as sexy, regardless of what society says. It’s about how you feel in the end.”

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