Springtime by the Bay side

Hello may I speak to Spring.

Spring this is the Fluffy Girls…you may not know who we are..

But the reason why we’re calling you is because we were going through our closets and we saw the stuff we usually wear when the weather is warm and were trying to be out in these streets… Now we don’t know how you’re going to take this, if you’re gonna make the weather cool or come out of the bag on us but were tired of this sh*t!

Sorry sometimes you gotta make those “Woman to Woman” calls…even to Mother Nature because sis is really out here doing the absolute most with the recent weather…were sick of it.

And judging from recent posts on social media, everyone is sick of the cold weather and warm weather inconsistencies. Even here in Miami we have not been experiencing “normal” springtime weather *sigh*

Unfortunately Mother Nature got Miami out here catfishing both tourists and natives alike with the weather not being as expected.

But…were happy to report that Spring has sprung, got her life and we’re so ready to get out and enjoy ours in the best way possible, in the sun and breeze that is.

With the average daytime temps being between 76 and 85 degrees during the spring months, the city is filled with snowbirds and college spring-breakers ready to partake in all that our warm weather brings.

In South Florida the options are plentiful, with an abundance of Outdoor day parties, Cooler fetes,  music festivals, outdoor markets etc. here in Miami, we’re always itching to get out and play in the sun.

Bayside Marketplace, also known as simply BAYSIDE to us natives, is located in the heart of Downtown Miami and sits right on the edges of Biscayne Bay, adjacent to the Port of Miami, The American Airlines Arena Home of Our Miami Heat, which are currently in the Playoffs(Go Heat!) and its across from the Historic Clock Building Oficially named The Freedom Tower that is beautifully lit at night. Bayside Market place offers amazing views of the bay along with concerts at Bayfront Park, shopping, dinning, tourists excursions, hotels, and the perfect back drop for your vaycay pics girl!

We couldn’t wait to get up, get out and do something! #FluffyGirlsInTheCity


The Fluffy Diva hit the streets of Downtown Miami in Palazzo pants…they were perfect for strolling Biscayne Blvd, just blowing in the breeze.


“I remember when I wouldn’t even wear shorts around the house, I hated my thighs. I have a lot of cellulite and dark spots after having children and it made me extremely self-conscious about exposing them, even in my own home. Fast-forward to  present day, I’m strutting my thunders on the crowded streets of Downtown Miami…in the DAYTIME! lol I will say I am well on my way to completely accepting those things that held me back before. I’m making hella progress yall!”
“I’m so glad I got over my hang up over my thighs because this off-shoulder romper is so cute and comfy especially paired with my Rose Gold Reebok Classics”
A quick wardrobe change…and a few selfies! Told you, perfect backdrop!
I gotta be real this romper gave me hell! Material is very soft and it rose and rose and rose! Chub rub ain’t help a thing *sigh*  but you can’t call yourself “The Fluffy Vixen” if you’re afraid to show a little thigh fluff…well…a lot of thigh fluff, Ha! So onward I pressed *another sigh* Moral of the story, stay away from microfiber shorts if you have thunder thighs like mine. *third sigh*
When you don’t have to sacrifice style for modesty and comfort! The Fluffy Diva keeping it sexy-classy…no chub rub issues with this outfit! lol Sometimes more IS more, the perks of being a diva!
I’m pretty sure you guys are aware that these heels were for pictures ONLY!
Too cute to sweat or nah?


The day was everything y’all, simply beautiful! The Fluffy Vixen let the thighs out for some sun and we had a great day owning our fluff in these Miami streets. Get out there Fluffy Girls! Be it in a romper or tank and Palazzo pants, get out there and slay this Spring! Don’t let anything hold you back. Challenge your confidence this season, and continue to Be Sexy, Be Confident, and Be UNAPOLOGETICALlY FLUFFY!

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